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NEW Berchtesgaden Town Welcome Tour
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To learn more before your tour, search "Undiscovered Berchtesgaden" to find our detailed online guide and background story to Berchtesgaden Town.Join our local expert for the daily welcome tour of Berchtesgaden town. This tour is designed to help you get your bearings, discover the gems of the old town centre and is followed by a Q&A walk over the breathtaking Soleleitungssteg.We aim to conclude the Q&A by 1830, so the tour is the perfect way to get to know the town before heading out for dinner – dining tips are also included!Part 1: Berchtesgaden's Charming Pedestrian Zone: The cobbled streets that form Berchtesgaden’s pedestrian zone are lined with cafes, restaurants and numerous cultural gems. Part 2: The Castle Square: For the second part of the tour you’ll visit the Castle Square.Part 3: The Soleleitungssteg: This path was once the route that the brine (salt water) pipeline took from Berchtesgaden’s Salt Mine to the nearby town of Bad Reichenhall for processing.

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